Titel Vorschlag für "Aber Warum"

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Titel Vorschlag für "Aber Warum"

Beitrag von Puschkin »

Leider ist es schon öfter verschoben worden und hat ein gescheitertes Kickstarter hinter sich. Gleichzeitig viele generische Unity Assets und eine versprochene "Meow-Magic"-Sprachsteuerunh lässt annehmen, dass es leider kein gutes Ende mit dem Spiel nehmen wird.

Die sympathisch bekloppte Story lässt mich aber weiter hoffen.

"Max and Maya is the first kickass cat RPG-simulator! The Apocalypse came by surprise and unexpected. Toxic shawarma turned almost all people into zombies. Only cats are immune to the virus. This cannot be tolerated!

Max and Maya is the first realistic alpha-cat simulator, which markets the secret ambition of your pets: All Power to the Cats! You're in for a fascinating story. Where have all people gone? Is there a way to defeat rats and dogs? Why nobody feeds me anymore? It's time to boost your skills, defeat your enemies and build a real cat fort! Of course, you can take a nap anytime, and if anyone wakes you up, your sacred duty is to piss on their slippers.
Gather a feline army and conquer the world!


You’re a cat
What else do you need?
Connect your mic. Now you can command cat and cast spells using voice! With right meow-phrases, of course.
Build cat-fort
This time cats will conquer the world. Literally. Train your cat army and unleash it on streets of city!
Use waste
Eat crap, drink from puddles, and then pee and throw poop at your enemies."

Vielleicht interessiert es André genug dieses Spiel auf die Beobachtungsliste setzen wenn es nicht schon drauf ist.

Max and Maya: Catsimulator
https://store.steampowered.com/app/7724 ... simulator/
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